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Posts from August 2011

Bayard and Pete Go North

This May, my friends Bayard and Pete embarked on a month-long trip from New Mexico to Alaska. They drove the entire way — Albuquerque to Deadhorse — in a seasoned old RV named Bessie, and, best of all, chronicled the whole journey on their blog: Bayard and Pete Go North! Here’s their description of the […]

So That’s What Bourgeois Looks Like

I don’t think I ever really understood the word “bourgeois”, as an epithet, until I read this paragraph: When you realize your home’s look hasn’t evolved much since its post-college phase, you put the Ikea bookshelves on Craigslist, start searching for a contractor who won’t drive you crazy, scrutinize endless tile samples and stop considering […]

Toxic Zealots

I continue to believe that Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry and the other deeply unqualified zealots on the Republican stage right now won’t make it past the primaries — but the damage is already done, just by virtue of their presence (and prominence) in the national dialog. They debase the entire political process, and make […]

3 August 2011 @ 8am


The Diner on the Edge of Hell

My new story, The Diner on the Edge of Hell, is out in the latest issue of Weird Tales. Happiness! Here’s an excerpt: Petrie shrugged and sat back, chewing placidly, and looked around the diner. It was a spotless, perfect stereotype of a diner: bright porcelain tiles, harsh fluorescent lights, a juke box, a pinball […]


From what I can tell, the new debt ceiling deal isn’t quite the shit sandwich everyone was expecting. The New York Times has a good flowchart outlining its various twist and turns. Here are the good parts: Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid are essentially cordoned off from any of the immediate cuts, though Medicare providers […]