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Posts from January 2017

Insane Clown President

Matt Taibbi, announcing his new book, Insane Clown President: I would never compare myself to Thompson – that’s a losing undertaking for any political writer – but unlike previous campaigns I’ve covered for the magazine, 2016 had a lot in common with 1972. Richard Nixon was the defining monster of Thompson’s era. We’ve now found […]

Over Soon

Bon Iver’s 22 (Over S∞∞n) — from his latest album, 22, A Million — is probably my favorite song of 2016: I never was much of a Bon Iver fan. Mostly his falsetto made me giggle. But 22, A Million is a revelation: beautiful, immersive, complex, multilayered, and deeply deeply strange. I basically can’t stop […]

Young Rollins

This beautiful photo of a very young Henry Rollins, performing with Black Flag, circa 1983. So much energy and passion and fuck you in this picture.


This is insane: The Council on Foreign Relations found that in 2016 the United States dropped a cumulative 26,171 bombs on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Syria, and Yemen, a rate of about three per hour. … and unsurprising. From Harpers Weekly Review