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19 January 2012


A Good Day for the Internet

Yesterday was a good day for the internet. Lots and lots and lots of sites either went entirely dark to protest SOPA and Protect-IP, or posted prominent banners explaining why these awful, awful bills would kill the internet as we know it.

A bit of confusion aside, this really got the message out there. Thirteen senators have withdrawn their support for it (including mine!).

As many have said, this is just the beginning. There’s a war looming. But it’s an auspicious beginning.

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7 February 2012 @ 1pm

Interesting to see the confused reactions to Wikipedia’s blackout. Shows just how much people rely on it – which of course was the point.

I was able to consult wikipedia easily on the day of the blackout by using Google’s cache of the page I wanted, which made me happy.

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