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A Good Day for the Internet

Yesterday was a good day for the internet. Lots and lots and lots of sites either went entirely dark to protest SOPA and Protect-IP, or posted prominent banners explaining why these awful, awful bills would kill the internet as we know it. A bit of confusion aside, this really got the message out there. Thirteen […]


There’s been a bit of of tempest in a teapot recently in the Apple community, around an incident where some poor guy stopped a performance of the New York Philharmonic with an ill-timed iPhone alarm. He’d put the phone on mute, but the iOS alarm app ignores the mute button, so it went off anyway. […]

Decentralized, Participatory Digital Democracy

Zachary Schneirov, the creator of Notational Velocity, on the pernicious qualities of the Cloud: There’s absolutely no reason a community group, organization, or collection of friends couldn’t share everything they needed using protocols and servers that have existed almost since the dawn of UNIX. And with federated protocols like XMPP (on which Google Wave was […]

Gibson Talks About Stuff

BoingBoing just put up a fantastic, pithy, wide-ranging interview with William Gibson. It’s well worth a read. Here he is on the various armageddon scenarios lurking on our horizon: What do you worry about? I’m talking about loose nukes, global warming, economic meltdown, creeping fascism. All of the above, and anything else in that general […]

21 July 2011 @ 1pm


OS X Lion: Mostly Good with Dollops of Weirdly Bad

The bad things about Lion aren’t slightly bad, they’re what-the-hell-are-you-fucking-kidding-me? bad. Really, they don’t even qualify as “bad”: they’re more in the “insane” family. I’m thinking about the arbitrarily reversed scrolling, the banished scrollbars, the hideous faux-leather calendar, the fake-open-book address book. Those last two in particular — in their defiant rejection of the minimalist […]

My New Robot

My friend Cathy got me this amazing steampunk robot. It’s made out of castoff bits of metal, and its torso is a giant gauge, and I love it. Here he is, standing sentinel at my desk, warding off intruders.

Whippersnappers Hate Email

According to the New York Times, email is on its way out, because “young people” much prefer the instant gratification of text messages: The problem with e-mail, young people say, is that it involves a boringly long process of signing into an account, typing out a subject line and then sending a message that might […]

iPads and Ephemeralization

Paul Graham puts his finger on the nature of the revolution ushered in by iPhones and iPads: The iPhone isn’t so much a phone as a replacement for a phone. That’s an important distinction, because it’s an early instance of what will become a common pattern. Many if not most of the special-purpose objects around […]

Deus ex Jobsina

An iPad developer recently had what appears to be a very civil run-in with Apple. He hit a bug in the iOS SDK that forced him to use a private API to get the keyboard working correctly — but the App Store gatekeepers rejected his application, because iOS developers aren’t allowed to use private APIs. […]

Ubuntu the Helpful

There are plenty of things in this world to get choked up about, but this probably isn’t one of them: Nevertheless, I found myself battling tears when Ubuntu made this gracious offer. I still have deep regrets about the many hours of my youth I wasted trying to get Slackware to recognize my soundcard, or […]

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