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28 December 2007


I’ve Got A Guest Post on Ecstatic Days!

I’ve blogged about Jeff Vandermeer before. His City of Saints and Madmen didn’t just blow me away — it helped me understand that 500 pages of insane twisted effulgence can be beautiful, touching, human.

Anyway, I’ve got a guest post on his blog! My entry is part of a promotion that Ann Vandermeer is doing for Weird Tales, whose helm she’s recently taken. Ann accepted one of my stories for her magazine, proving, once again, that it really isn’t possible to die from happiness, no matter how violently happy you might become.

Jeff and Ann were two of my instructors at Clarion, and the week I had with them was so transcendently amazing that I still haven’t found a way to express it in words. There was one memorable ten minute period where Jeff sat me down and described, in more or less perfect detail, everything I wanted to do and be as a writer, all of my worries, needs, dreams, foibles, thoughts. It was like he was reading my mind, except he found stuff in there that I didn’t even know about. It was one of the most stunning, illuminating moments of my life, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.

ps … Two of my fellow Clarionites, both fantastic writers, have guest posts on Ecstatic Days as well: Peter and Caleb. Check them out.


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S.H. Segal
29 December 2007 @ 8am

Thoughting. I like it.

Hey, are you aware that, while Ann is in Florida, the Weird Tales production office is here in the D.C. metro? We’re trying to plan some local fun — drop a line!

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2 January 2008 @ 10pm

Amazing post. I will be looking for your work. Always!

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2 January 2008 @ 10pm

Cool. Thanks Keyan.

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3 January 2008 @ 11am

Well done. It is nice to see talent coupled with Passion-Perseverance win out.

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